Central vacuum systems not only make vacuuming your home much easier, but they also help keep the air inside your home much cleaner. With a traditional vacuum cleaner, all of the dust and debris gets sucked up, but some of the allergens get exhausted back into the air. With a central vacuum system, the main unit is located in the garage and all of the allergens are exhausted outside of your living area. Besides being a much more sanitary option to a traditional vacuum, they are also much quieter and much easier to use, you will no longer have to carry around a heavy vacuum cleaner with long power cords all over the place. Just plug a hose set into one of our electrovalve inlets and off you go. We also offer vacpans that are installed in your baseboard and allow you to simply sweep debris right into the system. At United Alarm, we exclusively install BEAM central vacuums. Beam vacuums have been proven to be one of the highest quality central vacuums on the market today.